Travelling in a VAN for 3 months, with a CAT. Are you stupid?

Everyone said no, you have to get someone to look after her you can’t do that. The van will stink of s#%t all the time, gross! How do we actually do this?

We googled, you tubed, read blogs and endless content for hours about this subject and it was really hard to find some definitive proof that this was possible. We weren’t super confident at first about having her in the van, because she’s a cat and CATS DON’T TRAVEL. Cats aren’t adaptable to different situations, cats don’t have the brains to enjoy being in different areas and travelling. What were we thinking? Well, Gertie isn’t just any cat and she totally embraced van life!

We thought we would ease her into it by taking her on 2 & 3 night trips in the van when we were camping in the summer. The first trip we did just a few days after we adopted her from the shelter. We drove to the arctic circle from Marsh Lake, a good day drive to Dawson City and then another good day drive to reach the arctic circle. No joke, this cat literally meowed from Marsh Lake to Pelly Crossing, 4 f#$king hours. Scott and I thought it was cute at first and then her meows started to get so crockey like she was losing her little voice box.

We were just silently thinking to ourselves that there is no way we can take this cat down to California, we would go crazy listening to that the whole way!

I figured out after a few hours that if I covered her in pillows & blankets on the bed, she would stop meowing because she felt safer. After that first loud, meowy bitch of a day she was used to the van and started to want to go for drives.

We set off on our BIG road trip in April of 2019 with Gertie in tow. We were heading down to California in our van that was converted into a camper, it was her safe little home. We had built the whole inside of the van ourselves from scratch, so we built a litter tray section into the front of the van. We made sure we only used top quality litter, paying that extra few dollars made life a breeze and not shitty at all 😉

When we were at Coachella, our boss looked after her as he had a trailer down in Palm Springs. We stayed in Palm Springs for about 2 weeks but as soon as we were back in the van and not staying with air conditioning, we had to head somewhere cooler for us and for Gertie. Joshua Tree National Park was the hottest we felt on our whole trip, it was excruciatingly hot (Especially for our Yukon acclimatized bodies!). We headed onto Arizona and to the Grand Canyon which was ridiculously hot during the day.

We knew that we wanted to do some extended day hikes, so we booked Gertie into a pussy hotel for 3 days while we went and did “human” things! I’m super glad we did because we wouldn’t have been able to explore like we did, and she seemed to love the hotel! On our last day, we picked her up and went back through for one last look at the canyon. She didn’t care about one of the most spectacular places in the world, she just wanted to meet all the dogs.